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Scentsy UK stylish warmers use a heating element to melt specially formulated wax. With no flame, smoke or soot the Scentsy wickless candle system is a safe way to enjoy Scentsy Fragrances.

How Does A Scentsy Wax Warmer Work

Scentsy Fragrance began with a simple goal of creating a safe, flameless alternative to scented candles - and quickly grew into one of the world's most succesful direct selling companies. 

The wickless concept is simple - stunning, handcrafted ceramic electric wax warmers are used to melt flameless scented candle bars to release long-lasting aromas and give ambient light.  We don't use a flame - instead an electric heating element warms the wax so there is no soot or toxin created and there is no house fire risks!  Melting the Scentsy scented candle bar at just 56 Deg C so the fragrances last far longer than burning traditional wicked candles for scent and it wont burn you. 

simple system new for scentsy candles - safe alternative to flamed candles

You can buy Scentsy candles online at our ecommerce website or book a Scentsy party to get FREE and HALF PRICE Scentsy products.  You can also join Scentsy and sell the product yourself to make extra money and enjoy FREE scentsy goodies.

Join Scentsy & Run Your Own Home Candle Business


If you love candles and fragrances then running your own Scentsy business is a dream job.  We are currently looking for new consultants to join us from the United Kingdom (UK), Ireland, Germany, Canada, Australia, Mexico and the United States of America (USA).  This is a new party plan business in Europe so this is a great opportunity to be the first Scentsy consultant in your town, village or county.  For more details on setting up your own home based scented candle business please message.

Watch our NEW Discover Scentsy Video above and find out why I, and some of my other amazing Scentsy friends, think you should work from home with Scentsy.   

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